A hoax most cruel: Caller coaxed McDonald's managers into strip-searching a worker - mcdonalds hoax call strip search 18


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The strip search phone call scam was a series of incidents, mostly occurring in rural areas of In February 2003, a call was made to a McDonald's in Hinesville, Georgia. The female manager (who believed she was speaking to a police officer .

But neither of them called the police, nor demanded the search be . King manager who was strip-searching an 18-year-old employee in.

Obedience - Fast Food Strip Search response to voice on the phone claiming to be a police officer, a McDonald manager strip searches an 18 year old employee. IRS SCAM CALL - Caller gets a taste of his own medicine.

A Florida man was acquitted Tuesday of making a hoax phone call a phone call and strip search at a Mount Washington, Ky., McDonald's in April 2004. induced managers to strip search an 18-year-old female employee.