12 Celebrities Who Were Once A Porn Star - saved by the bell turned pornstar


The curse of the child stars: What happened to you, Screech? | The Seattle Times saved by the bell turned pornstar

The cast of "Saved by the Bell": (L-R) Top: Dustin Diamond as Samuel real lives of the cast members became fodder for the tabloids and gossip magazines. Diamond, now 36, went from class geek to porn star when a 2006.

Everyone’s favorite nerd from Bayside High, Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers (Dustin Diamond), has had a pretty rough go at life ever since Saved By The Bell went off the air. Dustin Diamond‘s also in an alt metal band named Salty The Pocketknife and he’s appeared at the annual.

He was best known for playing Screech on Saved by the Bell, but and I just walked through the door and asked them if I can be a porn star.".

Some Former Child Stars Who Became Porn Stars or Went Wild Dustin Diamond -- The kid in "Saved By The Bell" that everyone called.