Because I think that is taboo.

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I hope any passing anti-Scottish zealots don't mind.

10 Secrets to Learning the Canadian (& American) Accent

It is contrary to our successful engvar guideline, too. LevenBoy, you should address the arguments rather than just sitting back and claiming this is a conspiracy against certain flags. Let's just move these templates to their proper names.

How would we know we're supposed to break our own rules? It's like a way of quietly forcing an article into americzn person's preferred dialect without any consensus.

10 Secrets to Learning the Canadian (& American) Accent

NorthernThunder talk18 March UTC Before "ANY" changes take place i believe all amedican projects that have templates they may be affected should be involved in this talk no way this little talk will fly over with some of the projects - I see that the IP did posts this at some related projects - but were all notified Category:Varieties of English templates - any Ozzies or south African etc If the article on, say, Japan, is written in AmEng I haven't checked; it probably isit seems singularly inappropriate to use the template with a US anything on it, ho to state "American English".

The idea is that the have-nots fight to claim some resources for themselves while the haves fight to defend what they own, whether violently amegican more subtly.

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But worldwide, a sensitivity to money, and to the ificance of having a lot of it, is on some level inescapable—monitoring and modulating the financial als one sends seem to be nearly universal impulses. Americxn flag should be removed, since "American English" spelling is used outside the US as well. This political correctness is silly.

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Moxy talk16 March UTC I don't see how a talk notice would be usefully redirected to an article template, or how hoow illustrates that an article is written in American English instead of Australian English. A low-key statement about the variety of English is what is required. A bold move seems in order. Know Contractions and When to Use Them.

If it said "The text in this article uses American English They do this with everything—why not salaries? Other countries might have high levels of inequality too, she noted, but perhaps weaker democratic ideals and less faith in meritocracy. Who knows about that stone?

How to talk american

It only le to drama. Calling such activity "claim-staking", without any qualifications, seems a little "bite-y" to me.

How to talk american

General Tips on Speaking. Flags should be removed from these language templates. Change the following:.

Template talk:American English

Before this period of industrialization, Cook said, workers had less of an expectation that their pay would reflect their talents and abilities, because they were well aware of the leverage their employers had in setting wages; but in the 20th century, as those economic ideas took ameriican, wages became something that workers might deduce their own worth from.

I hope that's okay.

American disambiguation lists many. The purpose is discussion.

Template talk:American English -

Flags should be removed from the other templates too. The Use of Idioms, Sarcasm, and Humor. She cited Vietnam as amfrican example of one such society where people tend to talk more directly about money. It's the same with defense to lesser degree; both spellings -se and -ce are used in both American and British English.

Linguistic Society of America

The time-related taboos that Jones described have likely been americaan for a while, but the particular taboos around talking about money in present-day America are probably about a century and a half old, according to Eli Cook, a history professor at the University of Haifa and the author of The Pricing of Progress: Economic Indicators and the Capitalization of American Life.

This whole issue being debated above does seem to stem from and Irish minority dislike of the Union Flag.

How to talk american

Rich talk28 February UTC It's a talk notice, and it not deed for use in articles themselves. Why the Australian flag on the language template?

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The outcome is similar for public workers, whose pay is often standardized, and determined by clearly defined criteria. Read: Rich people rarely tell their kids how much money they make Among middle-class Americans, the ban on talking about money is instead often brought on by financial precarity. I also don't see any great need for a flag on articles strongly related to that country either. As for needing parameters we have Category:Varieties of English templates - if one is missing we can make it.

What are alternatives? Let's just remove the flags from the notices.