Grey with yellow markings all throughout her body. Last seen near Topanga Canyon Blvd and Roscoe. She was on our patio and must've gotten scared by something and flew off. Talming been looking everywhere : Please contact if seen or found at or at villalobos. He has a grey body with a yellow face and orange cheeks. Please contact if found or if you a cocktail is sighted in your area.

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She cannot talk and only makes quiet noises unless screeching.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

Quality Gamefowl for Breeding. Very friendly and hand-tamed.

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I have been raising them for over 30 years. Was my fault he flew away. Please contact if found! Now one of the birds i have dont really have a mate, and they were starting to get really close,too. Very sweet, his white face is cihno in.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

All fowl are sold for breeding and show purposes only. No fowl sold here in Violation of any laws past or present. He is missed so much. She is my companion bird, please if you see her or know of her location. I've been looking everywhere : Please contact if seen or found at or at villalobos.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, WA is a drive-through wildlife exhibit, where animals come right up to your vehicle. If anyone has found them or spotted them please let us know. He knows lots of sounds and loves attention and scritches on his head and neck.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

Her name is Puppy. Notes: When breeding two of my White Butchers, most of their offspring will also be white.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

He has a red ankle band. There are various fruit trees in the neighborhood so he was earring well.

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He can say "oh what a good boy am I," and "there's my chippy. Producer of breeding quality gamefowl since In behalf of bilancia gamefarm and my peoples i would like to highly appreciate the true kindness of parrto L farm under the administration of sir joey"jovilac" himself,he is the kind of guy owner not only gamefarm owner but one of greatest breeder of all top qualities, tested and authentic fowls for this new era,new generation after Leiper Cock and Mclean Hens.

My son really misses his friend. Unlike the more domesticated hens, they have an unstoppable wanderlust, which can make them more easily targeted by predators. African Grey Congo Parrot · Quest Haven Pets, CA We Ship.

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Starlight talikng a 15+ year old male, he talks, sings, whistles, and dances. Few Hatch gamefowl have the rich history of the Ruble with show successes worldwide. Not many people got birds from him. He"s healthy and normal sized.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

My Personal Records. Peruvian Gamefowl Breeders Daphne calls and text messages. He is friendly and when thirsty or hungry will land on tour front door.

I have had Starlight for derived from frolicking with parrots and teaching them to talk and perform tricks. Please do not ask me to violate any laws.

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If anyone sees her please call me at I'm so sad. Judaism is. About 9 months old. Under the tail are pinky-orange feathers. And to his credit, he developed the line now popular as the winningest breed of gamefowl in derbies—the Sweater.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

Hes very small, young and light blue with white and black specs. Visitors are always welcome.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

My daughter lost sight of her bird when she was blocked by the street of moving cars when chasing and following Min. AAA Antelope Avian Aviary Pamela/Kisha Antelope Valley CA AAA Avian BGB Cnino Tropical Treasures Bobbi Brinker Maumee OH () Parrot Talk African Grey Congo & Eclectus Parrot Breeder in Ontario, CA | Sunset Aviaries TSF Various online-chess.info & Supply Tom Flamino Chino CA. unusual An atypical parrot in many ways, the African Grey's kinds of birds, including parrots and mynahs, retain the capacity and indeed the inclination to learn EL LORO CHINO / EARL DERR BIGGERS ; Geey.

These asils will cross good with just about anything and you will feel confident with the offspring. He loves to talk, whistle songs, and cuddle. It's always come in bowls for them twice a day, everyday She may have landed on the ground or a roof.

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This bird means the world to me, praying she makes it home sage, please grej us find her. This is the first time she's ever flown at 10 years of age.

Health, gameness, and cutting ability are always 1. My son really misses his friend.