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The Outfoxies is a 1995 weapon-based fighting arcade game developed and published in Japan by Namco. Controlling one of seven assassins, players are tasked with defeating Hardcore Gaming 101 wrote that it feels like a " ridiculously over-the-top" action film. Game*Spark wrote that it felt like a disaster film or a B-class.

Just because he's a chimpanzee, doesn't mean Dweeb is any less deadly. Dressed up with a top hat and tux, Dweeb is the most acrobatic.

This type of game is enjoyed by a broader population than hardcore games are, including older female players. Casual .. Dork - Several steps beneath Dweeb.

Hardcore gamers tend to care less about graphics then casual gamers. While some specialize in a single genre, they typically have fairly diverse taste in games.