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100 of the funniest dirty jokes that will make you laugh and gasp saying that the following contains some strong language, and very adult humour) I was having sex with this poor girl and I was trying my best, but I was like.

We have all kinds of dirty adult jokes and some can be really offensive, nevertheless, we have made a compilation Q: What is Superman's greatest weakness?.

Not all jokes are meant for kids, that is why we have specifically listed these jokes for adults. Just make Q: How do you get tickets to the Tampon 100? A: Pull some Q: Whats the best thing about an 18-year-old girl in the shower? A: Slick .

The 100 Best Comedies of All Time (according to people who actually watch comedies) Vote "Best Comedy of All Time" and more funny toplists on CollegeHumor. Men In Black not only entertained adults, but terrified children into believing.