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ISSN: 0957-9753 FIESTA Comic Strip c 1989 Galaxy Publications LTD printed in England vol 2/1 third thrilling issue!! PrintedEnglandFree ShippingCampaignComicsMediumEtsyContentRare Comic Books. Illustration: Robert Crumb Item: XYZ Comics Year: 1972 Publisher: Kitchen Sink Cover.

The term adult comics typically denotes comic books, comic magazines, comic strips or graphic . Inside, it is listed as being printed by Marvel Comics, but there is no Marvel logo on the cover, nor any Comics Code mark. The lack of a Comics .

'Smutt Peddler' creator Spike Trotman writes about the obstacles to printing adult sexual material, which is scrutinized more than equally.

The success of graphic novels confirms the trend from a print culture to a visual one.